Sunday, 10 February 2008

Back to an open source OS again at last!

Not quite there yet but i am almost back to Kubuntu, just loading down the desktop to install as we speak and I am looking forward very much to experiencing KDE4. So I am writing this in Gnome on my laptop which is now entirely GNU/Linux based.

Funnily enough rather than installing a GNU/Linux OS on my oldest computer, I have installed Windows XP Professional on my old PC as I still need to go back to Windows for the odd task or two (webcam and composition) and it is chuffing along nicely.

My new website

I am currently in the process of building myself a website. It is multifaceted as you can see from the logo to the left.

Currently the Guitar section is complete, the Web Design and Surfing sections almost ready and the Training and Open Source still to be started.
Grand opening soon!