Saturday, 25 October 2008

How to post a single mp3 to Blogger

You can get text, images and video on your blog but have you tried getting a single mp3 file up there for your visitors to listen to?
Blogger supplies heaps of gadgets but not one for a single mp3 so yep, you have probably given up before today!
Well here is a way you can do it using, a great free online file storage site, which provides a means to post, well, anything you have stored there to your blog, very cool!
So let's get started.
  • Click on the box .net logo above and create an account for yourself.
  • Upload the mp3 you want to post to your blog.
  • Go to the services tab and add the service called Blog Posting.

  • Now return to the My Files tab and click on the Blue arrow next to the star on the right.

  • Choose Post to Blogger fill in your username and password details and Bob's your uncle it will appear on your blog as a very nifty looking little player.

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Bob's Song

I made a post awhile back about a highly respected friend, Bob Howard, who died tragically before his time after a bitter battle with cancer. Being the type of individual he was, he requested a Mexican Day of the dead party some days before he actually passed away. It was for this occassion that I whipped together, in Garageband using loops, a composition in his honour that was played for him on the night which he apparently quite enjoyed.
Following an enquiry by good friend Sarah Toa, I have found a better way to get a single mp3 posted using and so have deleted the original post in favour of this far more sophisticated method to be posted about shortly.

Thursday, 16 October 2008

The biggest tree on our block is felled!

Albert was back with his crew today to finish off and particularly to fell a large Karri that required dropping the crown off first. Unfortunately I missed capturing the crown making it's way to the earth as I forgot to push the bloody record button, but here is the proceedings that occurred to get the rest of the tree down! Soon to be neighbour and I are the ones that can be heard chattering away.

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

The Bad Robots........

are a brilliant UK band that you have just got to add to your music collection.
With super tight full on sound and often amusing lyrics their live gigs are renowned for their energy.
They have released an album Great Days available on iTunes and an EP that you can get your dirty mitts on by contacting the band at their MySpace site by clicking on the image to the left.
Lead Singer Ben Larsen is an Aussie from Albany in Western Australia and he was always destined to make music a career and it is great to see some success coming his and this hard working bands way.
A little taste of the band live.....

Friday, 10 October 2008

Tree Felling & Block Clearing!

Unexpectedly, our Arborist, Albert, was at work when we arrived to further clear and burn off on our block in Denmark earlier this week.
What a show he put on too as well as working his butt off dragging large pieces of tree around the block.
All he used was a chainsaw ( surprisingly short ), a little axe and a beaten up yellow wedge of plastic. The way he could assess so accurately that the very large tree he was about to fell would actually fit inside the boundaries of the block and precisely drop it where he wanted to was brilliant.

Michelle and I have done a massive amount of our own bush and tree felling, hand raking and burning on our block transforming it from something like this with heaps of thick litter

to this which is far less of a fire risk.

Albert is coming back on Thursday this week with his crew to fell more trees from the top down using rigging as they are either too big to drop or too close to other residences. We will be there to watch the show!

Sunday, 5 October 2008

Finally a Dobro

As well as a sweet little Yamaha C151s classical guitar for son Tims' birthday, I purchased a Regal Squareneck Dobro while in Perth.
I have been intrigued by lap steel guitar for sometime now and, following a period of experimentation on a normal acoustic, made the decision that I wanted to explore this style of playing more seriously.
One of the main inspirations to do so was because of a guy called Stacy Phillips who features in the following videos.

He has also written a seminal Dobro tutor which I also ordered and received when I got home yesterday so I am into it -and damned difficult it is too!

Saturday, 4 October 2008

Finally laid my Mum to rest!

Following my Mum's wishes I have finally got around to getting to Perth to inter her ashes in the Memorial Garden at St Luke's Anglican Church in Mosman Park. Father John Phillip assisted and also said a prayer or two as I was placing Mum's ashes in the hole we had dug together.

My father Jimmys' ashes are also interred there.

It is a wonderful little church and the garden itself is tranquil and quiet.