Friday, 26 March 2010

The Descent of Inanna!

Intrigued by Michelle's recent excellent post in relation to Inanna the Sumerian heroine, I took the time to investigate this myths appearance in our own world.
I discovered that a dance Opera about this myth had been created by 2 women ( obviously ) composer Jenni Roditi and librettist Lyn Gambles which premiered in London in 1992.
This story is such an obvious setting for an opera as so many have been based on myth such as Purcell's Dido and Aineas based on Virgil's Aeneid, Wagner's Ring Cycle bsed on Norse teutonic myth amongst others.
Being a musician, I was excited to hear how the range of drama and emotion was portrayed musically.
This is a substantial work in 2 acts with with 50 songs/arias.
There are 9 soloists and a chorus.

Inanna - Queen of Heaven and Earth, sister of Utu, marries Dumuzi - Mezzo
Ereshkigal - Queen of the Netherworld - Mezzo
Geshtinanna - Prophetess and sister of Dumuzi - Soprano
Spinner - The Story Teller - Alto
Dumuzi - Shepherd King , husband of Inanna, brother of Geshtinanna - Tenor
Enki - God of Wisdom - Tenor
Utu - Brother of Inanna - Baritone
Gilgamesh - in service to Inanna - Baritone
Free Voice - an improvising singer - representing the spirit of ancient Iraq.

Chorus Roles - all singers except Inanna
HuluppuTree, Citizens, Laughing Demons, Holy Flies

You can go here to view a short film made about the opera featuring 8 songs. You will notice the great difference between the songs from each Act. Enjoy those of you who can bear the thought of listening to a musical dramatisation of this interesting myth.

Saturday, 20 March 2010

How to make junk look good!

I came across this excellent diagrammatic explanation for the GFC which helped me to finally understand the underlying causes. Double click on the image to get a full size readable version.

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Australian White Ibis

Prior to going to the pub for dinner last night, we took "Those who shall be obeyed" on what is known as "The extra short town walk". Nearing the end of the path we follow we came upon this extraordinary sight - nearly 100 AWIs perched in a large dead tree.
More were arriving as we watched to add to the already comfortable hoards.
Even though they were high up in the tree some distance away from the path we were following, as we drew close we could see that they were getting a little worried probably about the poodles ( Can they climb trees?! ) and shuffling around on their perches. Michelle tried to sneak by while I waited in case they did all take off.
Uh oh and they did!
Filling the sky as they went in search of a resting place free of marauding, tree climbing toy poodles and their brave handlers!

Sunday, 14 March 2010

New guy on the rubbish truck?

Our wheelie bin was knocked over too but didn't happen to take out the mailbox as has occurred next door at out neighbours place!

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Today I met Nicky and Cadbury...........

...........and what a privilege it was too!
Hamish and Hermyne and I were "Seeing the boats" as this particular walk on the Albany foreshore is known as. Also enjoying a walk there were Cadbury, a 12 year old, yep you guessed it, chocolate brown ( albeit faded these days ) toy poodle and what was probably the smallest dog I have ever seen, a likely pomeranian chihuahua cross knows as Nicky.
He would look just unimaginably tiny without his big thick coat!!
Both were very friendly and completely adorable!

A new Australian Icon?........

Could be you know!
I am sure many consider it ugly, preposterous, burdensome and as unnecessary as the Sydney Opera House was when it was built.
But I reckon the Albany Entertainment Centre is going to look pretty speckie once it is completed and, like the windmills, will draw more people to this area of the world.
Not something I necessarily wish for but such is the way of the world we live in.
I look forward to the pleasure of seeing the WASO or ACO perform in it someday!