Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Apple Australia's top quality service

My 8GB iPhone ended up in the washing machine.
What to do, what to do?
  • Still under contract for another year with vodafone.
  • Miss not having my own music in the car, a camera and SmackTalk!
  • Hard to imagine not having the convenience of 24/7 internet/email.
  • Been three days and does not look hopeful even though it had dried out somewhat sitting in the kitchen window in the morning sun.
In the meantime, I checked Ebay so I added a couple of likely possibilities to my watch list at $700 and $749.
Serendipitously, when I arrived at work today, Baz called me over to show his iPhone that he had managed to smash the screen on and delightedly related how Apple Australia were going to replace it for him for $260 or so under warranty even though he broke the phone himself.
I also discovered that a new iphone from Apple, had I needed to buy one, was only going to cost $699. So much for bargains on eBay with 16gb unlocked iPhones selling for over $1000 when you can purchase one from Apple (maybe not unlocked) for $799 too!
Umm, I thought, can I do that too? Is my phone still under warranty? Yep it is until tomorrow!
A quick phone call to T4 Technology where I had purchased the iphone to get the serial number and I was on the phone to Apple and so, so easily, quickly and ever so politely had a RepairID and an email with the following instructions.

Dear Robert, Repair ID:

Thank you for choosing AppleCare Service.

We have received your request for a replacement IPHONE 3G. Your Repair ID is D23002190.

Visit Repair Status to view the current details of your service request.

The AppleCare Team

Repair Details
Serial Number: 86827USJY7H
Problem Description: Physical Damage - Liquid Damage

Repair Costs

The estimated cost of replacing your iPhone is $249.00.

Should this estimate change, we will contact you for authorization to proceed before starting the repair.

Additional Information
You will need to send your IPHONE 3G to Apple before we can send you a replacement. Please enter D23002190 in the Repair ID box on this webpage. Please print the prepaid shipping label that is generated, and then take the shipping label and your IPHONE 3G to Australia Post. Australia Post will provide prepaid packaging for the shipment. Do not include any other items, as they will not be returned to you. The Australia Post agent will send the IPHONE 3G to Apple.

Unbelievable service! All done and looking forward to the replacement phone - Thanks Apple!