Sunday, 14 September 2008

Tardis - Our new Home!

Michelle and I are about to start building our new home on a hillside amongst the Karri trees in Denmark only 6 minutes away from the best surf beach on the South Coast.
Her studio is at this end, we share the middle section and my studio is at the far end. Perfect!


  1. Thought this might be the best way to find out what you are up to!! And to have a chat.

  2. I keep forgetting you guys have this other life! In Denmark! It is a fantastic design. I can't wait to come and stay there with you two for weeks on end with all my children and the parrot and the cat...he he

  3. Ha! Ha! What an excruciating thought! You are totally and utterly welcome to visit for a shorter period of time with less in tow though maybe!