Friday, 10 October 2008

Tree Felling & Block Clearing!

Unexpectedly, our Arborist, Albert, was at work when we arrived to further clear and burn off on our block in Denmark earlier this week.
What a show he put on too as well as working his butt off dragging large pieces of tree around the block.
All he used was a chainsaw ( surprisingly short ), a little axe and a beaten up yellow wedge of plastic. The way he could assess so accurately that the very large tree he was about to fell would actually fit inside the boundaries of the block and precisely drop it where he wanted to was brilliant.

Michelle and I have done a massive amount of our own bush and tree felling, hand raking and burning on our block transforming it from something like this with heaps of thick litter

to this which is far less of a fire risk.

Albert is coming back on Thursday this week with his crew to fell more trees from the top down using rigging as they are either too big to drop or too close to other residences. We will be there to watch the show!


  1. the funniest thing is ramsnake, that after you've built the house , eventually it will look like the before photos, because I know you want all that beautiful green to grow right back again! Thanks for the lovely pics, its great to see what you are up to 'over there'.

  2. Well we can't afford to do that as it will endanger our lives as well as everybody else on the hill so it will stay parkland cleared with a few paths and flame resistant ground covers.