Saturday, 14 March 2009

Smooth like a river stone!

I was watching a documentary on Joni Mitchell and I was really taken with a comment by David Crosby of her:
"I think she had more understanding than most people do of human beings.
She had already been through some hard things and - what makes human beings get wisdom is paying dues.
Sort of like - you arrive here as a boulder, you knock corners off yourself until you get smooth like a river stone - and she was already starting to get smooth."
It's taken awhile but I am finally starting to get smooth too - whew!
How's your boulder going?


  1. Well my arse is pretty smooth!! I must be getting somewhere.

  2. 'Like a stone is polished by friction, so is man perfected by trial.' Victor Hugo.
    Still got a few rough edges meself but you always been smooth Ramsnake!