Friday, 10 April 2009

It was a fabulous moon last night!

I would like to say it was taken returning home from an awesome waveriding session but unfortunately it wasn't.
But after building all day, we then attended the opening of ArtiStories, a Brave New Works # 16 exhibition of artist's visual diaries, that Michelle had been a part of.
Fifteen Denmark artists (Well, Michelle is almost a Denmark resident) presented an exhibition of their visual diaries based on the festival’s theme “Sharing Stories”. The exhibition displayed diaries created by a range of the community’s artists including young and emerging artists as well as established professionals, painters, sculptors, printmakers and graphic artists, who have worked on these books for the last three months! The exhibition also featured a digital projection of images from the diaries.
It was a great opening and attended by a huge number of people considering the population size of the Denmark community.

Here is a little vid made by Andre Steyl of a pre event workshop run by the delightful person and talented artist Trish Ware.


  1. what beautiful books. I wish I was more arty sometimes, just to make such lovely artifacts of the mind.