Wednesday, 27 January 2010


I don't know why it appeals to me so much, but I have always been interested in Bonsai, but had never got around to getting started with it.
But then, when we had our house warming in December, our great mates from across the road from the Albany house, Maryanne and Al, gave us the tree pictured above. Oh well, I hear you say, that looks a little pathetic but believe me, since we received it, the amount of leaf and branch growth has been quite significant.
It is a Ficus, thank goodness, as apparently they are the easiest trees to grow. Patience is the key with Bonsai as it can take years to get one to look really great like this one.
A Chinese Elm which is absolutely magnificent at 60cm tall with a 28 cm trunk.
Here is a maple which is 38 years old! Fabulous!
Mine certainly has a long way to go!

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