Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Looping video on an iPhone

An artist acquaintance of mine has just emailed me to find out if there is a mobile phone that will loop video for a work she has in mind.
Being an iPhone user, I thought easy, there must be an app for that.
Uh no in fact there were lots of developers trying to get one up and running but without much success.
Slightly miffed, I drafted a negative reply to send back but something stopped me from doing so as I was sure there had to be a solution out there somewhere.

I navigated to the next page of Google results and "Bingo" there it was and so, so simple!

"Simply select the On-The-Go playlist, and then navigate to the video you want to loop. Select and hit “Done”. Then when playing the playlist, make sure it is set to repeat.

Then you can use Apple’s video out cables to drive a kiosk or display, or just keep your kids entertained with repeating videos. You can of course add more than one video to the playlist, and can even set those to shuffle during playback."

So, it was out with my iPhone to test the solution and it worked perfectly.

Many thanks to Scott Link

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