Sunday, 1 July 2007

ITtoolbox for IT professionals

I discovered this brilliant site sometime ago and have decided to blog it just in case you might be interested and don't know about it!

ITtoolbox is a community of 1.2 million IT professionals who share information and provide assistance to each other on all things related to being involved in the IT profession.

Main category areas include:
  • CRM
  • Data Management
  • Development and Integration
  • Enterprise Back Office
  • IT Management and Trends
  • Networking and Infrastructure
You can also:
  • View, contribute to or comment a vast array of Blogs on real IT issues and trends.
  • Use Groups to ask and answer questions among skilled peers.
  • View the excellent Wiki, create and edit definitions, FAQs, and HOWTOs.
There are also any number of white papers and research, webcasts and events and......... you can even score a new job!

I have joined various blogs and become, like many others a fan of bloggers with names like Security Monkey, Locutus and Puramu.


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    Thanks for the recommendation.

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