Saturday, 14 July 2007

Png's! in IE - What a pain!

I have been creating a website for Michelle and and I am using pngs with transparent backgrounds for all the navigation and menu graphics.
Looks great in Firefox but..........?
In IE 6 and back, a big mistake unless I am just to assume everybody who uses IE has upgraded to version 7 which is incredibly unlikely.

I have tried a couple of the fixes but of course they are complicated by the matter of links and rollover effects etc and so far no success.

I will keep at it but I am pissed with Microsoft.........again!


  1. I know what you mean! Png's are my favorite type of image so I tend to use them as often as I can, but IE always gives me trouble when it comes to transparency.

    I tend to just ignore it though. Since my blog is about software/programming I would assume that most of the readers (all 3 of them) have something other than IE.


  2. he he, having problems with Microsoft software, how incredibly unusual. Hopefully we wont have to put up with it being the dominant OS for too much longer. Unfortunately for me the latest and greatest games are always released for windows only. Mac OS might see it a year later if their lucky. Just a question, what exactly is a PNG. Hope you are well dad. ;)