Monday, 6 August 2007

Back to Windows!!

I am doing databasing at Uni this semester and I have to use Microsoft Access so I have returned to the Windows world for a while.

But! I have installed as much open source software as I can mainly from the Open Source CD.
I am using:
  • Oxygen Open Office Professional which has heaps of extra templates etc.
  • NVU for web development (would prefer Quanta but nada for Windows)
  • Emule for downloads
  • Gimp for image manipulation
  • Audacity for sound recording
  • Azureus for torrents
  • Filezilla for FTP transfers
  • Gaim for messaging
  • Firefox of course for web browsing
  • Inkscape for illustration
  • Scribus for desktop publishing
  • Blender for 3D work
  • 7Z for archiving
I do have a few proprietory programs, apart from those included within Windows OS, as there are no open source options for Windows that I know of at this point and they include:
  • Microsoft Access (but none of the other programs in Microsoft Office)
  • PowerTab because it is the only place I have been able to find the Edgar Cruz Bohemian Rhapsody TAB (See this weeks vids)
  • Adobe Captivate (for authoring as I do a fair bit of training)
  • AVG, Adaware and Spybot for virus protection etc
  • IconPackager and Bootskin (to disguise I am using Windows at least a little bit!)
That is about it.

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