Thursday, 27 September 2007

Happy 21st Tim!

My oldest son Tim turns 21 soon but I am blogging about it now because he is coming back to his hometown this weekend to celebrate the occasion with family and friends .

I would like to tell you some stuff about Tim.
  • He is way taller and carries a lot less weight than his Dad!
  • He has been with his delightful girlfriend Kelly since he was 15 - longer than myself and Michelle have been together!
  • He is in his final year of a Nanotechnology degree before entering what looks like a very exciting honours years developing an industry supported project!
  • When he was very young, his word for music was murket!
  • I knew he was pretty bright when he rode down to our house at the Wolery on a two wheeled bicycle he had taught himself to ride without us knowing at the age of 3!
  • He is a nice guy!
  • He is heavily in to games and associated technology - I wouldn't mind a Wii either actually!
  • He just about drowned at my one of my favourite surf breaks - Matterhorn at Nanarup and I can understand why as it can get a bit nasty and Michelle has also got in to a bit of trouble there also!
  • He has had a good shot at learning to kite board!
  • He plays a bit of guitar and bass and when he was very young had a crack at the violin too!
  • He loves his mates and thoroughly enjoys getting together with them if he hasn't seen them for awhile!
  • He and Kelly have a Jack Russell called "Shauna"!
  • He has a younger brother Oscar, already a well respected manager at McDonalds and yet to turn 18 , and an even younger half brother Angus who was reading before he went to school!
  • He is in to philosophy as well as science because he is a number 9!
  • His Dad loves him heaps and tells him so - something I never heard from my father and am making sure that my kids hear from me because it is important!
I love you heaps mate and Happy 21st for the 11th!

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