Monday, 10 September 2007

The only intact 1st generation computer surviving anywhere in the world!

CSIRAC was constructed in Australia at the Sydney University and was the 4th computer built in the world and used to produce the first "computer music".
In 1955 it was moved in a large truck to Melbourne and can be seen today in the Museum of Victoria.

CSIRAC was first successfully tested in 1949 and the name is derived from Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation Automatic Computer.

CSIRAC specifications
Speed .001mhz
Word Size 20 bit
RAM 768 words
Disk Capacity 2048 words
Power Consumption 30,000 watts
Weight 7,000kg

Many of the founders first programming skills were learnt using CSIRAC and the image to the left is a routine sheet showing stages for the development of a program.

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  1. He He, 0.001Mhz what an absolute beast. 30,000 watts again what a beast. Pretty incredible if you compare that to intels new 80 core research chip which pushs i teraflop of info every second using some measly amount of power. if thats how far computers have progressed in the last half century imagine what they are gonna be like at the end of the next half. What a crazy, crazy time we live in. Shame on anyone who thinks that now is a boring time to be alive.