Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Classical Guitar posture discussion

There has been an interesting discussion on the Delcamp forum of late about posture and the classical guitar with people using all sorts of devices and means to get the guitar to where they feel it ought to be. I am happy with the footstool having resolved the issues relating to it's use but for some it just seems to be too hard or they feel there must be a better way!
Well here is a very interesting example as the image to the left from many years ago of great British guitarist Paul Galbraith shows. He started experimenting with a more cello like posture and I remember thinking at the time - "Well interesting, but I think he might go back to the footstool"

I was wrong 'cos here he is today having taken the concept all the way to a very successful conclusion using an 8 string instrument.

I haven't found any video footage, but here is some video of Redmond O'Toole, a young Irish guitarist who has adopted the 8 string guitar and this posture and in which Paul Galbraith makes an appearance at least!

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