Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Laptop LCD screen replacement

I replaced the LCD screen in Michelle's 3 year old laptop today which was an interesting exercise.

It had started to deteriorate with the pixels fading out in a vertical line about 2cms wide in the center of the screen. Now I reckon this occurred because she insists on putting her laptop away every time she has finished using it. The constant opening and closing of the top must have effected the circuit board which lives at the top of the screen.

She was quoted $700+ when she enquired about getting it repaired at the store where she purchased the laptop and considering she could probably replace her laptop for that price nowadays was a bit of a joke really.

I rang the distributors and they said they could supply a replacement screen to my door for less than $250 which made going ahead with replacing the screen viable

Now I just needed to find out what was involved and after a bit of Googling decided that I should be able to handle the job.

Anyway it turned out to be very fiddly as she has a Metabox laptop and there were no screws to get the bezel off which took me aback initially as there did not seem to be a way of getting it off at all. I eventually worked out it was a snaplock fitting and it ended up coming apart fairly easily in the end except for both lower corners which were just not going to budge.
So I had to deal with it remaining in place at the bottom of the screen which made getting the plug for the inverter (it is right down at the bottom of the screen of course) back in again very difficult, and was only achieved using angled pliers and great patience and care.

The next fiddly bit was replacing the video plug but that was not quite so intense an experience but still tricky.

Rebooted to make sure I hadn't damaged anything and the screen cranked up beautifully Whew!

Put the internal framework screws back, snapped it all together and voila! the laptop is like new again.

The instructions I used are from the Screentek site if you want to save yourself some money and get that laptop back to new again.


  1. LCD Screen replacement is very stagger.

  2. How so lovely this LCD screen replacement.

  3. This is how shall I say.... A product that I would most definitely love to have around the house, I mean it is beneficial.. Am I right or Am I Right?! Whether some may agree or not, it doesn't bug me to enjoy the company of one of these :)
    If everybody has them, I think I should have the opportunity in luxuriating myself with the presence of making this my present! Gotta say, its mainly because how well you've explained everything
    It's a great gift except for sometimes, but hey it surely does re-coupe and make up for boring and lost times..