Tuesday, 8 April 2008


My laptop's hard drive collapsed a couple of weeks ago and I have been continuing to use it by running initially the RIP Linux Distribution which has worked really well allowing me to access the internet through my local network with very little need to manually configure.

However it is a little lacking in usable software so I have switched to using the Knoppiz Live DVD and I have a much more usable system again with very little manual setting up required. Everything works just fine. So I am pretty impressed actually and have acquired the Knoppix Hacks publication and am working my way through it with interest. I love it's swiss army knife persona and usefulness as a repair tool. I have even downloaded a cd version of it for use on older PCs.
I have finally got around to ordering a new hard drive and am seriously considering installing Knoppix rather than Ubuntu as Knoppix uses KDE by default saving me the need to install the Kubuntu desktop in the Ubuntu edition of Gutsy that I have.
Well worth a look if you haven't done so before.

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