Sunday, 14 December 2008

OpenDNS - faster internet access!

Now I know you are interested in faster and more reliable internet access and OpenDNS maybe just what you need! And there is more because OpenDNS also provides you with the following features:

  • Parental Controls - Keeping your family safe online has never been easier. OpenDNS gives you more than 50 filtering categories to choose from. Simply check the boxes of the categories you want to block and watch your filtering take effect within minutes.

  • Phishing protection - Take the guesswork out of identifying phishing Web sites with OpenDNS's industry-leading anti-phishing service. We'll tell you when the site you're trying to visit is fraudulent.

  • OpenDNS Guide - Search results get you back on track when you mistype a URL or try to visit a site that's down. Our smart "did you mean?" spelling suggestions help point you in the right direction, instead of showing you a hard-to-understand error page.

  • Customization - Add your favorite image and a custom message to the OpenDNS Guide and blocked pages to personalize the feel of OpenDNS for your household. Use different messages for different pages.

  • Shortcuts - Map short and easy-to-remember terms to your favorite Web sites with OpenDNS Shortcuts. Set up personal Shortcuts that work just for you, or Network Shortcuts that work for everyone in your household.

  • Typo Correction - Don't let typos slow you down. We correct the most common ones automatically for you in the address bar. Using OpenDNS typo-correction will have everyone in your household zipping around the Internet.

  • Top-Notch Support - OpenDNS provides free email support. Get help setting up OpenDNS from the DNS experts.

  • So what are you waiting for - it is dead easy to implement.
    Click on the link above follow three easy steps and enjoy faster and more reliable browsing.

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    1. Well, can't be bothered with all the technical stuff, but definitely a good result for impatient and non-technical internet users like myself...thanks dude!