Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Today I met Peter Johann Pachelbel

I got an email today from youtube alerting me to the fact that 1992peter had made a comment on a video I uploaded some time back.
I like to follow up and thank the commenter for taking the time to add a comment and so it was that I met Peter Johann Pachelbel and I thought you might like to meet him too.
Peter suffers from a bilateral cleft palate that has required multiple operations, has only 4 out of 20 vision and if you go to the very first post in his blog you will find out that this makes life pretty challenging for him.
He is a smart guy too with an enquiring mind which he uses to extend his knowledge of all manner of complex subjects.
If you have a youtube user login you can double click on the video to go to his youtube site to add a comment.
The internet has an amazing capacity to link up people from every corner of the earth. 


  1. thanks robin, he has an amazing ability to see whats really going on. you are right. we can all link up now...

  2. He really is a neat young boy, I have befriended him lately and he warms my heart...