Saturday, 25 July 2009

It's been cold here lately but........

between the squalls that come through we have had periods of brilliant sunshine and not much wind which has been fantastic.
The climate change skeptics need to know that the weather has changed dramatically on the South Coast in recent years with our summer weather patterns tending to continue through the winter months.
Last night, after having spent most of the day at home (Michelle reporting to her DCA supervisor and myself a rare opportunity to watch the Derby), Michelle and I decided that the poodles needed to get out otherwise they would drive us nuts.
Emu Point is a favourite spot, so, with increasingly ecstatic poodles, we set off.
We arrived, just before dark and well rugged up,

to a windless and glassed off harbour (local commercial fishing boats and recreational fisherman) and enjoyed a very pleasant but cold wander up the beach and back before returning home for Mount Barker chicken shanks marinated in red wine and garlic accompanied by peas, beans, carrots and mashed potato and bloody good it was too!

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  1. Hear, hear!! I love the light here in winter. And the head is a bit too big for it, but the ear flaps worked. It has to be bloody cold for me to suffer the indignity of ANY hat, let alone this one!!