Wednesday, 5 August 2009

What a Grand Design amongst other events can do to you!

One of mine, and I know many other people's favourite TV programs is Grand Design.
On this weeks program, I felt a bit sorry for Barry and his wife who were indeed building a grand design because the project and the events that occurred during it resulted in personal dilemma and change.
This is how Barry looked at the beginning of the 2 year project.
This is how he looked at the end!
Because during the project he had:
  1. both hips replaced then
  2. an unexpected heart attack resulting in a quintuple bypass causing both him and his wife to question
  3. the whole purpose of their rather extravagant, ostentatious life and project and then
  4. the Global Financial Crisis hit and all work on the project stopped for awhile and placed them in a precarious financial situation!
After 2 years the house was still not completely finished and both looked shell shocked by the turn of events in their life over the last 2 years.

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  1. Whatever you own - owns you. That has to be a wake up call to any serious materialist.