Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Today I met Nicky and Cadbury...........

...........and what a privilege it was too!
Hamish and Hermyne and I were "Seeing the boats" as this particular walk on the Albany foreshore is known as. Also enjoying a walk there were Cadbury, a 12 year old, yep you guessed it, chocolate brown ( albeit faded these days ) toy poodle and what was probably the smallest dog I have ever seen, a likely pomeranian chihuahua cross knows as Nicky.
He would look just unimaginably tiny without his big thick coat!!
Both were very friendly and completely adorable!


  1. Very cute. We ae currently dog-sitting a 15 yeear-old poodle named Geordie. He is deaf, blind in one eye, and a tad arthritic, but is a real sweetie. Love's cuddles and going for walks. There is another four-legged fan following John around!