Thursday, 18 March 2010

Australian White Ibis

Prior to going to the pub for dinner last night, we took "Those who shall be obeyed" on what is known as "The extra short town walk". Nearing the end of the path we follow we came upon this extraordinary sight - nearly 100 AWIs perched in a large dead tree.
More were arriving as we watched to add to the already comfortable hoards.
Even though they were high up in the tree some distance away from the path we were following, as we drew close we could see that they were getting a little worried probably about the poodles ( Can they climb trees?! ) and shuffling around on their perches. Michelle tried to sneak by while I waited in case they did all take off.
Uh oh and they did!
Filling the sky as they went in search of a resting place free of marauding, tree climbing toy poodles and their brave handlers!