Sunday, 4 March 2007

"The Classical Guitar Network" takes off!

A couple of days ago I posted about a new social networking site I had created in Ning specifically for classical guitar players and afficionados.

I am amazed to report that the site has had 194 views already! Incredible!
Now all that needs to happen is for a few people to actually join up and we will be having a jolly time!

I have just uploaded a new video by an incredible young Chinese guitarist who is playing Domenico's Koyunbaba!
I have posted it here for your pleasure too!

If you haven't checked out Ning already, I would encourage you to do so; especially if you are interested in creating a social networking site for a specific group.

I have found that the interface is particularly easy to use resulting in a great site very quickly.
Ning was started by a bit of a luminary in the computer world - the founder of Netscape, Marc Andreessen. He has also invested in Digg and many other start ups.

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  1. Li Jie is the player, at a masterclass some years ago. Great talent.