Saturday, 24 March 2007

The fitness campaign!

Some weeks ago I posted that Michelle and I had joined one of the local gyms as we have come to the conclusion that if we are to remain fit as we get older then we have to factor exercise into our daily routine on a permanent basis.

Well, I am delighted to report that both of us are still in there doing it.

Surfing, of course, is a preferred form of exercise, but we go to the gym on the days we don't get the opportunity to surf and we have already started to reap the benefis of that decision.

Both of us have lost a considerable amount of weight, are fitter strengthwise and aerobically especially as both of us have added swimming to our exercise schedule.

Yep, our gym has a 25 metre swimming pool which is a huge bonus, is unique to our gym and which the use of is automatically included as a part of membership. It only has three lanes but that seems to cater very well for the gym's clients who are required to make a booking to use the pool. We have never had a problem getting the opportunity to use it.

Rod and Kerry who run the gym along with offsiders, Lara (also a surfer) and another young guy whose name I am unacquainted with, are great, friendly and informed people who keep a watchful eye over our progress.

Another essential component of our fitness program has been an important change to diet. We have removed carbohydrates from our diet after midday ie protein and salad/vegies for the evening meal. This has taken a bit of getting used to as we were accustomed to having pasta and rice etc in the evening. For a few weeks we would constantly feel hungry until our bodies got used to the lack of carbs at that time of day. Most of the time we are able to stick with this but Once a week we do have a chinese takeaway in the evening so we are not silly about the regime.

My goal was to lose 10 kilos before we travelled to Bali for a surfing holiday (unfortunately put off until next year) in early April. I am well on track for that goal and will weigh in on Tuesday the 3rd of April in 10 days time.

That will mean I weigh 99 kilos! Still too much but I aim to lose another 10 kilos in the next three months to get below 90 kilos and that is probably a pretty reasonable weight for me at my age and height. If I could get down to 85 I would be a happy chappy!

Michelle has also lost a lot of weight but her progress has been somewhat curtailed due to a gynaecological issue which arose recently that she hopes to get resolved as soon as possible. She is still able to surf and go to the gym but has to take it a bit easy until the problem is resolved.

Apart from Michelle's aforementioned gynaecological issues both of us are way fitter and healthier and surfing better for it!

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