Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Amazon! So good!

Amazon provides a simply fantastic service and goods at a great price!

Last week I ordered these two Java programming books from Amazon.
Both were second hand around $20 US and $9 US postage for each.
That worked out to about $70 in Australian dollars! Awesome - Because! If I had purchased these books here in Australia they would have cost me $170AUS!

Yep, I could have searched around for secondhand copies of these books in WA but that would have taken time etc.
Amazon does it all for you and I have already received 'Java in a Nutshell". (How good is it to have the whole API in a book on your desk as you program? Very good I can tell you!)
No more than a week to get here from the States and it is used but in good condition as indicated on Amazon's site.

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