Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Tried Wordpress briefly!!!!!!!!

Well, I gave a Wordpress blog a try over the last couple of days as I was after a couple of blogging features that Blogger does not have.

A three column layout and categorising posts! Which I have now just discovered how to do in Blogger!

It was easy to import all my posts and comments from Blogger but?
I am back at Blogger as I was unable to get my widgets to work on a hosted Wordpress site!? Very annoying!

Oh Well! I will keep trying to find a 3 column layout I can actually implement without too much hassle.
Can anybody help me out with that? Especially a solution that allows me to keep this template and just add a third column!


  1. Any thoughts on Wordpress vs. Movable Type? I'm looking for something that a bright non-techie can work with and produce a fairly polished product.

  2. haha, so that's why your other RSS feed went bad and I stopped getting posts... well I'm back in, so post away.
    Finally started using java in my vieo game design class at school for AI. Probably the largest project I've ever done...