Monday, 5 March 2007

Robben Ford and Monterey Pop Festival

As well as having played classical guitar for many years, I am also a great lover of electric blues guitar and I like many of the greats but I really love the way Robben Ford plays!

What do I like about him:
  • His tone is outstanding!
  • His playing is tinged just enough with a jazz grammar but not too much as personally I am not keen on jazz!
  • He usually has a great rhythm section playing with him and often a great keyboard player like Russell Ferrante
  • He has done some great covers of classic songs like - Born under a Bad sign, Don't let me be Misunderstood, Badge and Keep on Running to name a few stand outs
  • He has a great feel for gospel very apparent on the album "Talk to your Daughter"
My only point of contention with him is his singing which is fine but not in anyway a match for the way he makes the guitar sing!
If you are in to electric blues guitar and you haven't heard him play can I recommend you do so.
I have embedded a short video of him playing a rhumba blues just so as you can get a taster! Enjoy!

Carrying on a little again with musical inspiration, the father of one of my very few students kindly lent me a 3 DVD set of the "Complete Monterey Pop Festival Collection" and I can tell you it has some stellar musical moments and people playing including Hendrix and he is at his peak here.

But what a pleasure to see Mike Bloomfield, Paul Butterfield and Elvin Bishop play along with many other great performers. Get your hands on a copy if you can! Reminded me of why I got in to playing music in the first place.

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