Saturday, 21 April 2007

Finally - the foreshore in Albany is to be developed!

This is an aerial shot of the foreshore in Albany where I live.
For the past twenty years or so there have been attempts made to develop it from the wasteland that it currently is into a vibrant and interesting place to visit. These attempts have been stymied by a vocal minority who have finally been overcome!

The plan includes:
  • a fantastic new entertainment centre
  • a harbour village for commercial and short stay tourist accommodation
  • a small boat harbour with wave protection
  • retention of Town Jetty as the spine of the development
  • integration of activities back into Albany Town Centre via afootbridge (currently under construction)
  • 21,000 sq m of commercial/tourist development
  • retention of the existing groyne
  • seven pens adjacent to the tourist precinct for charter boats
  • 36 pens for 10-15 m recreational boats
  • a small boat launching ramp and support facilities
  • a wharf and 10 pens for the fishing industry
  • a fishing industry precinct
  • a port use precinc

This is a sketch of the basic plan layout.

Here is an artists representation of how it will look and as you can see it will transform the area.

Below is a link to LandCorps documentation on the project and clicking on the image above will take you to the foreshore developments web page.

LandCorp Albany Foreshore Development

Bring it on!!!!

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