Thursday, 5 April 2007

Great Java programming book - Head First Java 2nd Edition

Whoopee Do!
It was my birthday yesterday and I received the copy of Head First Java 2nd edition I had been waiting for from Amazon which joins my two other Java programming books:

Java in a Nutshell (for the API in a book on my desk)

Java - An Introduction to Problem solving and Programming (A great book also and I have it because it is the chosen text for my degree and represents the traditional approach to teaching programming in Java).

I think the way in which the Head First authors go about teaching the basics of Java programming is excellent and works very well for a subject that can be a little dry and that requires the assimilation of a huge amount of information.
The image above will give you some clues as to the tone and visual nature of the book.
I have already found it useful and remarkably easy to just sit down with and read almost like a novel. (picture book?)
They have sold thousands and I can see why!
Anybody else found this innovative teaching text useful?
Just a pile of garbage and a waste of money?

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