Tuesday, 26 December 2006

Another beautiful day!

Well, what a day we had yesterday, I was totalled by the end of it - straight to bed as soon as the sun went down!
Got a cracker of a surf at the Nanarup point as the easterly swell was running and it loves an easterly swell. I took my 10' board and sat out the back waiting for the biggest waves. I am proud to say I caught the wave of the day (even Michelle admitted to that); a ripper that went for a good 100 metres with a nice face on it all the way. It was certainly the best wave that came through during the time we were out there and it was going off when we left. Shame we didn't get there a little earlier but we checked Mutton Bird out first which was flat!

Following that great surfing session we then headed out for the GBDTM (Great boxing day test match) at the Sims ans yes we were a little later than usual. Man it was hot when we got there! so the actual match was put off for awhile to take lunch first.
We eventuallt ventured out to the pitch having chosen sides. I was elected Captain of one team and John Maddison the other who won the toss and sent us in to bat.
It was a very quick innings - 40 runs. The smallest total I can remember mostly due to the lack of people who turned up this year. I was the last player to bat and had barely got out there before my partner was out. So that was the end of that.
The other team went out to bat very confident that they could get the measely 40 runs set for them - and easy it was with the match completed and us returning to the main house for dessert in record time. Oh Well! Hopefully a few more punters will turn up next year.
Usually we would take out some instruments to make music in the evening but this year we decided not too as we have to lug out a fair bit of gear so I took a cajon (Drum) and my voice and Michelle took her voice. In the end we did not end up making any music and those that had chosen to were having a good time.
I have to say that now that it is the next day I am happy to have a few days off before the band's gig on Saturday night!

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  1. Big boards definitely ruled in these conditions!!! I got so many rides off the short-boarders who were a bit pissed off but hey, usually it's me missing out.
    For the self-image driven 'short-boarders' (I have one but also surf big boards)- 'sit on that'.
    Took the poodles to the cricket match and Hermyne ran out on the field with Robin. She was hooning around with a smile on her face until I retreived her. She reckoned they needed her to field and looking at the final score, I think I agree.
    Couldn't believe it when later that night Robin didn't even make it through 'the Bill' and he and Hermyne tootled off to bed at 8.30. It was still light!!! Guess the excitement of 'wave of the day' was just too much.