Sunday, 31 December 2006

New Years Day!

Happy New Year to all and sundry!
We did not have a late night and were in bed sometime after 11pm and was only slightly disturbed by the fireworks. We had a very pleasant BBQ around at Michelle's Mum's place which Amy came along to aswell. After being pretty good throughout the Christmas/Boxing Day period I have to admit I overindulged a bit last night.
No surfing today the wind is pretty Southerly but tomorrow is looking good. Mutton Bird should have settled down by then as it was a bit out of control yesterday and only the corner was really surfable and that was not too flash and very crowded!
The gig two nights ago was a little like the Curates Egg - some parts excellent while others were rotten! Neighbours complained - so Kim had to pull bass out of the sound and that made it difficult to hear ourselves plus the punters never got up and danced which always makes it hard. Hearsay indicated they really enjoyed the music though. Not keen on party gigs, pubs are better with more of a chance of audience participation in the process. There are still issues re the drummer and his equipment that need to be addressed before the next gig. which may be an interesting process.
Fixed my drivers side electric window on the Feroza this morning, which was pleasing. A couple of crucial bolts had dropped out of the opening/closing mechanism and after a bit of head scratching I worked out how I was going to get them back in again. Works beautifully now!
Off to get a coffee

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