Saturday, 23 December 2006

My mother is possibly not well

My Mum, Amy, has been going through it a bit lately having discovered she has some issue with one of her lungs which after an X-ray, CT scan and Biopsy is still inconclusive! So it looks as if a trip to Perth is on the cards and more tests. I am not looking forward to that as I am not too keen on Perth especially at this time of year when it can be b----y hot! and......... no surf!
Still it has to be done if necessary. She has had a bit of bad luck before at Christmas time having had to have treatment for breast cancer five years ago spending Christmas in hospital!
Anyway, tomorrow she comes over for dinner and both of her grandsons and Kelly oldest son Tim's girlfriend will be coming over also and Mum will really enjoy seeing them particularly as it has been sometime as they are at Uni in Perth.

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