Sunday, 24 December 2006

'xmas Morning!

Merry Christmas everybody! All the best for the festive season.

Yesterday's surfing you ask? No! it was not good - scrabbled around on the longboard in the corner at Mutton Bird and Michelle had a windy in the afternoon at Nanarup.
But today, the wind is definitely more in the north! so we will do the rounds and hopefully get a wave or two before picking up Mum for Chrsitmas lunch.

Last night Tim (oldest son), Kelly (Tim's girlfreind) and Oscar (middle son) and my Mum came over for a curry (rogan josh) that I had prepared. We exchanged pressies as the boys are off to Kellys folks place today. We had a great night which included:
  1. Watching a video of Tim driving a V8 supercar - a birthday present from Kelly.
  2. Watching a video of Kelly's womens Cottesloe Rugby Club Grand Final which they won.
  3. Watching some footage of the recent air race in Perth.
  4. Observing Tim flying his little electric remote control helicopter in the lounge room much to the consternation of the dogs.
  5. Worked out what Kelly and Tim's astrological north node and observing their amazement at the accuracy of the explanations - hence their desire to photocopy the sections of the book.
  6. Oscar actually hanging around for the whole evening! - which was great.
After lunch today we are invited over to our mate Anna's place from some port wine jelly and I suspect a delicious cake of some sort. Apart from being a writer and an artist she is also a very enthusiastic and capable cook.
Surfer dude Roland may also roll up for that if he has not gone to Parry's surfing for the day as he had planned which I suspect not as he slit his thumb open yesterday apparently and claims he will not b eable to surf!!!!!!!!!!
This is a guy who was out of the water for months this year following a botched hernia operation that required a further two operations to resolve! He went through the most unbelievable pain and frustration during that period. We have banned him from lifting heavy weights!.............and now we may have to ban him from using anything remotely sharp!

On with the day!

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  1. Hey Wizard, and all!!

    Happy Christmas to you all ... hope you are able to get to Gledhow tomorrow and have a bat & bowl at Dave & Sheils's. We've been practicing with a few rounds of street cricket at night so Sam looking forward to a good showing!

    Seeya boxing Day

    John M