Friday, 22 December 2006

First Post

Well. the wind is wrong again! I was really hoping to get some nice clean waves at Mutton Bird to day but it looks like another Windy at Nanarup.
This has been going for some days now - and strangely enough there is a reason although you may find it difficult to believe. It is because I have a new board - yep Aido has built me a beautiful 7' 4" thruster which I hangin' to try in some clean swell but!!!!!!! Oh Well!
As far as I can tell it has addressed all the issues that were concerning me about the 7' Nugget that has served me so well for a year or so now. I can take off in a much steeper quicker wave and it looks like it will hang in to the face better than the Nugget.
So it looks like the Nugget is to be sold - just needs cleaning up and I have a buyer for it which is great.
The next stage in the big board changeover is a high performance longboard to replace the Big BIC 10' single fin. I am unsure whether to get a Surftech again - looking at a 9' Randall French or to go with a local maker and get Warren Thompson to build it for me. Following the succes of Aido's board, I am leaning towards the latter.

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