Monday, 25 December 2006

Boxing Day!

Probably my favourite day of the festive season as it is the day we play the Great Boxing Day Test Match at David and Sheila Sims beautiful property.

An invitation only event extended to local cricketers acknowledged as excellent and committed to the great game! Ummm! A slight but engaging exaggeration, I know to those of you who know this event well. In fact, it is invitation only, but many who play may never have done so before as the two teams are chosen by the allotted Captains from amongst the whole gathering, which may include small children, grandparents, sporty chaps and gals, pets etc etc.
Play commences around 1pm when the assembled multitude move to the specially constructed pavilion next to the field of play. Here the freshly mown pitch with it's 44 gallon stumps lies waiting for the first batsmen/women/children/grannys/grandads/pets to enter the arena of combat.
The first innings is played with great enthusiasm and general hilarity. When over the first course of a superb lunch is taken back up at the main house before the second innings is played again with enthusiasm and general hilarity. Following the completion of the second innings the AM (assembled multitude) return for the final course of the SL (superb lunch) to partake of the delicious looking deserts that are prepared each year by Sheila.
Following lunch, finally completed around 5pm, musical instruments generally come out and a relaxing evening is enjoyed by all.
A truly great day and looked forward to every year of the 10+ years I have been going to the event!
Off for a surf before we go, hope you had a great day yesterday?

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