Saturday, 23 December 2006

The wind is in the north!

Yep! finally the wind is in the north and a trip out to Mutton Bird for a surf is on this morning. Hooray - I hope the swell is OK.
I think it is going to be packed with surfers as this is the first reasonable day of surfing conditions for quite sometime.
Michelle is going to hate that, as she likes to have her own peak - especially as she has borrowed a board off our band's (more about the band in another post) keyboard player Simon to try out - whereas I am a more social animal and enjoy chatting away to friends out there aswell as getting waves.

We went out for dinner last night at good friend Beth's place to meet her new cat Penny, who had arrived the day before on a plane. Nice cat and I think she will settle in very nicely. Beth cooked a couple of great curries and we had a very pleasant evening.

Been stumbling again this morning - IE using one of my favourite Firefox Add-ons called "StumbleUpon".
This fantastic little tool pulls up websites based on your indicated interests and I have bookmarked heaps of terrific sites I would never have found on my own.
As I am studying internet computing, I am interested in webpage design and this morning stumbled upon a great site relating to Web 2.0 design parameters. whcih I have added to my webcoding bookmark folder.
Off to rouse Michelle from deep within one of her heavy duty philosophy books and go for a surf!

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