Thursday, 15 February 2007

6 reasons not to purchase Office 2007 and 6 to download Open Office 2 for free!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You will notice that there is now a button on the blog inviting you to get the Open Office suite of applications which is now up to release 2.1.
I use Open Office all the time now and have found it to be an excellent alternative to Microsoft Office.

Six reasons not to purchase MS-Office 2007

  1. MS-Office 2007 doesn't do anything different than what your current version of Office does.

  2. MS-Office 2007 has a radically different "new look" and "way of use" that is markedly different from what you are probably currently using.

  3. There are 50,000 pages of new help files to help you understand the "new look" and "way of use" if you have the time to look through them and you will need to?

  4. Microsoft dealers, trainers, and support people are hoping to make a lot of money from helping people migrate. It is going to take some deal of effort, do you have the support you need to help you cope with the changes?

  5. Upgrades like this are a major revenue stream for Microsoft. Are they providing this upgrade for your benefit, or for their shareholders particularly as Office 2007 is not going to offer you anymore than what you are likely to be already using!

  6. Were you offended by Microsoft's long and expensive advertising campaign portraying people who hadn't upgraded as the "Office dinosaurs". You can make you own decision can't you?

Six reasons to download 2 for free!

  1. Independent opinions have found that 2 is excellent software, and MS-Office users very quickly feel completely at home with it as it's "look" and "way of use" are very similar.

  2. 2 gives you everything you expect in one package - plus useful extras like creating pdf files, unlike Office which comes in a bewildering variety of editions.
  3. 2 costs 90% less than upgrading to MS-Office 2007 let alone having to master a new "look and way of use".

  4. 2 reads all your old MS-Office files, so all your previously created Microsoft Office documents, spreadsheets, presentations can still be used.

  5.'s licencing terms allow you to install it on as many computers as you like and use it for any purpose - and it supports all platforms. Does your current copy of MS-Office comply with all of Microsoft's licence conditions?

  6. And the best reason of all - is free of any charge. Why pay for software from Microsoft when there's a perfectly good alternative available for free?
So really - there is no decision to make is there?
My thanks to the Open Office site for their initial preparation of this information.

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