Sunday, 18 February 2007

One reason for existing in this world!

My uni studies start this week!

I am studying a Bachelor of Science in Internet Computing externally at Murdoch University in Perth, Western Australia.

I started this process in 2nd semester last year completing two units - "Intro to Internet and Multimedia" and "Intro to Programming (C and Java) and am happy to say I managed to pass both of them.
Initially, I was concerned that I might not be up to studying at Uni but this has spurred me on so - this semester I have taken on two more units Intro to Data communications and Principles of Computer Science (OO programming).

It has been a great experience studying at Murdoch as an external student because of:
  • Great resources both lecture and tutorial.
  • Fantastic forums to connect with others studying externally and there are heaps all over the world!
  • Being able to study when it suits my schedule rather than the uni's if I was an internal student.
  • My having learnt so much already!
In my humble opinion, one of the points of existence is to gain knowledge and I have always really enjoyed doing that.

  • I am a self taught motorcycle mechanic (though it has been years since I worked in that field).
  • I studied classical guitar for 5 years at the WA Conservatorium of Music gaining a Diploma of Music Teaching.
  • I have an Advanced Diploma of Accounting.
  • I have a Diploma of Information Technology (Systems Administration).
  • I have learnt the usual heap of other things along the way as we do in life.
I don't really need to study this degree for any career related reasons as I already work in the field I desire.
I am only doing so because I am interested in gaining knowledge in this incredibly interesting area that is exploding with possibilities at the moment that will change the way we use computers!

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