Tuesday, 6 February 2007

Back from Perth again and what you didn't know happened after the Perth Big Day Out!

Well I am back from Perth and Mum has had her big blast of radiation and blast her they did!
So much so, that she started to feel a burning sensation on her back towards the end of the treatment which understandably worried her a little!
As she was only having one treatment I think they made it a big one!

Apparently, this is not unusual!
A cool bath and the application of some sorbolene cream the appropriate remedy.

Mum was lucky as they had agreed to measure her up for the treatment and treat her all in one day which is very unusual as normally a patient is required to come back the next day. As we were vehement in our argument that we were unwilling to extend our stay in Perth beyond a day they relented. And fair enough too, as they have no idea, until you tell them, that it is a 5 hour road trip from Albany to Perth and that it is onerous and very tiring for an 84 year.
So for the moment that is the end of our need to travel to Perth for awhile at least. Even Mum is pleased with that prospect.

I was taken aback that the Royal Perth Hospital Radiation Oncology waiting room was packed with a constant parade of people coming in for treatment. You just have no idea until you visit these places of the prevalence of cancer in society - well you have an idea - but it is nowhere near the reality of the scope of the situation.

Anyway, we chose a different hotel form the last Perth visit and I have to give the Criterion Hotel a thumbs up. The room was so much more spacious than Aaron's Hotel and cheaper.
In fact the bathroom at the Criterion, which actually had a bath in it, was about the size of the room we had at Aaron's! And....... we had a double bed each at the Criterion which was great for me as a single bed just does not feel comfortable when you normally sleep in a queen size.
Nice restaurant down stairs - a much better experience.

Tim and Kelly came in to have dinner with us on our last night and it is always great to catch up with them.
They did have an interesting story to tell and those of you who were at the Perth Big Day Out may be interested to hear it.

Kelly worked at the bar selling rum in various forms. At the end of the night as they were packing up an idiot unleashed a main guy rope on a marquee which immediately flew off in the quite strong wind - a dangerous mix of canvas, poles and rope flaying around amongst those on the ground. Unfortunately for Kelly, one of the poles whacked her on the right elbow, she was lucky it wasn't the head.
This resulted in a nasty gash down to the bone that ended up with her having to go to Royal Perth Casualty Department!
The end result of all that, she and Tim, who had been called in with the bad news, arrived home at 6am in the morning after waiting in casualty for 7 hours so as Kelly could be stitched up!
So they were in good form considering the ordeal they had been through particularly Kelly who would have been awake for nearly 24 hours I would imagine.

All that after having to witness a lacklustre performance by the Western Force on Friday night.

Kelly is a great rugby union fan and a member of the Western Force's Blue Crew.

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