Monday, 26 February 2007

"Windows Vista Ultimate" installation issues!


There was an interesting article in the IT section of todays West Australian Newspaper about the installation of "Windows Vista Ultimate" (recommended retail - over $700 in Australia) on an HP Intel Centrino Duo 1.73GHz laptop with 1GB of RAM that was running "Windows XP Professional" perfectly.

This was what happened:
  • Following the approval of the "Upgrade Advisor", the installer stopped and insisted that offending applications that might interfere with the install process were removed! They were mainly trivial.
  • The installer reported that the nVidia graphics driver was not working - a bit of a worry! Would the monitor simply not work or would a generic on-board driver be used?
  • Following the report by the installer that the installation would take several hours in the end it took 3 hours!!!!!!!!!!! Yep 3 hours to install everything - unbelievable!
  • Yep the video card didn't work properly so there was no - screensaver, games or Google Earth! No driver could be found at the nVidia site that would work!
  • Native Microsoft applications could be installed and some third party but many opened reporting errors or refused to work at all!
  • The "Assigning for Windows XP compatibility mode" fix for older applications did not work at all!
  • Windows Media Player would not recognise DVDs!!!!!!!!!!! - the video card issue again!
  • A mobile phone Windows XP happily recognised no longer was and the automatic software update for it failed!
Not a good scenario and confirms that it is definitely worth waiting awhile unless you are buying a new machine with Vista pre-installed!

You have been warned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Interestingly, there is no inclusion of this story on the West Australian's Website!
I am uncertain but I believe they may have been one of the organisations that had agreed to implement Vista.
Mustn't upset Microsoft must we?

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