Thursday, 8 February 2007

Created a home page using Google Page Creator

Stumbling around on the internet today I discovered a guy called John Udell mentioned on Tim O'Reillys Radar blog.

He is apparently one of the most prescient of technology visionaries in Tim's opinion so I have added his blog to Akregator. He had written a post about using the CSS for a three page layout off Google Page Creator as a basis to create a website for himself that hadn't worked IE7 as he had apparently trimmed out too much. He was promoting Matthew Levine's Holy Grail three column layout which works everywhere pretty well as an alternative.

Anyway I decided to have a look at Google Page Creator and was pleasantly surprised with it's ease of use and so promptly set about converting a homepage I had built for a uni project into a more sophisticated layout using Page Creator. Heaps more to add to it but have a look in the meantime if you are interested.

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