Thursday, 4 January 2007

New Years Resolution implemented!

On the 2nd day of the New Year, Michelle and I marched into one of the local gyms and signed on as gym junkies for a trial month!
There are various reasons :
  1. Although we have both trimmed up somewhat as we are are both pretty active, surfing at every opportunity, both of us still carry to much weight particularly me (an issue I have been dealing with all my life as I was obese as a child) and extra assistance is required to lose more.
  2. We are off to Bali in April and need to be as fit as possible so as we can cope with and enjoy as much surfing as possible.
  3. It will be great to have an opportunity to have a good workout on the days when we don't get a surf.
  4. Maintaining a reasonable weight is one of the few things left in my life that I would like to have had more success at and now is the time to get stuck in to it.
  5. I have also been keen to get back to Yoga again which I have done in the past especially important for me to retain my flexibility. Today I got the mat, block and belt out and had a little session to remind myself of the poses I used to do. It is tough work for me now because I am overweight.
All going well with successfully integrating this new regime into our life then we will continue are membership permanently and should reap the benefits of less weight, a higher degree of fitness and an overall improvement in general wellbeing.

So far we have been along for two sessions and it hasn't been too bad at all. I have a little quad soreness today but otherwise I am feeling fine - Michelle has a sore bum!

We are going to the Albany Body Studio which is a small and quirky gym with a 3 lane, 25 metre swimming pool and sauna as well as all the other equipment.
I really like the set up there as it has views to the harbour and when the weather is appropriate they leave the front doors open so as plenty of air gets in to the place and you can grab a cross-trainer in the breeze which makes the task a little more pleasurable.

One of our surfing acquaintances Lara, inducted us which was nice. I discovered I weigh 109 kilos (240 pounds)and have 37% body fat. Not good I know!

I would love to get down to a normal weight around 85 kilos but am not sure that is very realistic but I will keep that as the top goal with increments of 5 kilos below that and you never know. Imagine how it would feel to be 52 pounds lighter! Perhaps 200 pounds (90 kilos) would be more realistic - that is a 40 pound loss. That would make a significant difference.

Anyway our goal for the month is a kilo a week which is apparently easy and we have a weigh in to look forward to next Wednesday to make sure we are on track!

Of course diet is a big part of all this and we generally eat sensibly but need to cut the carbs out at night so pasta rice bread etc is off the menu. This evening I cooked a green Thai curry with a salad so I am starting to look for replacement sofr what we might normally eat in the evening.

I am feeling very good about having taken this step and it seems to be a continuation of a general taking control of my life process that has been ongoing since I turned fifty.

I surf, play live music again with the band "Floodgates", have changed careers again to IT (something I had initially considered when I left school but thought at the time I had missed the boat), made a conscious decision to confine the working week to three days if possible and I am continuing my studies having enrolled in an Internet Computing degree at Murdoch University. A pretty good life with less emphasis on money but rich in other ways - actually the money is OK too!

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