Monday, 22 January 2007

5 things you might not know about me!

I stumbled upon Erik in Oahu's blog, Board Shorts and Business Suits, which is pretty interesting - very focused on making money online which is not so much my desire, I just enjoy writing about things that interest me that might interest others.
Anyway I liked the 5 things you might not know about me post and I have decided to follow up also - here they are:
  1. Although I ended up living in Albany on the south coast of Western Australia, I was born in Glasgow, Scotland (left when I was eight months old) and spent much of my childhood in Singapore before being sent to boarding school at the age of 9 in Perth, Western Australia.

  2. I am a graduate of the West Australian Conservatorium of Music having majored in Classical Guitar and............ minored in Viola Da Gamba! Used to play in a Consort (gamba band basically) at the UWA - now not many people have done that anywhere!

    3. I was a founder member of the BMW Motorcycle Club of Western Australia. I have owned a beautiful black 1973 R60/5 and silver R90/6 which I dropped on a gravel track in the middle of nowhere between Hyden and Norseman a week after I had purchased it. I was really pissed off, although there was little damage, (apart from a ding in the tank and a slight twist to the front forks) and I rode straight home in disgust once we arrived at our final destination of Kalgoorlie

    4. Over the years I have had seven longterm relationships Hilary, Ros, Karen, Annie, Gaye (stepdaughter Amba - 28 and two sons Tim 20 and Oscar 17), Lisa (son Angus 6) including my current partner Michelle of five years who coincidentally has also had seven. Do not come to me for advice about relationships - I know nothing!

    5. I was nearly 50 when I took up stand up surfing!! - took me a year to get fit enough and to stand up consistently on a clean wave. Best thing I have ever done for myself!
Well, there you go here, have a look at Erik's 5 things posts.

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