Wednesday, 17 January 2007

She's crook now - Godamnit! and Linux!

Poor Michelle now has my cold - and she is not happy!!!!!!!!!!!! I can hardly blame her as it is a debilitating experience that seemingly hangs around forever - still suffering the after effects myself.....stuffed up nose, foul taste in mouth and intermittent coughing.
It is not a good time for her to get ill as she is:

  • In the middle of completing her Masters Candidacy
  • Applying for a job
  • Preparing vast amount of documentation for teaching in another area she may well not need if she gets the job referred to above!
  • Preparing for a sculpture workshop for the TAFE PD day in a few week
Hence her unhappiness!

Just about to take Michelle's van in to have her new stereo system (Mum and I gave it to her for Christmas) fitted which will be excellent for her as she loves her music and where better to listen to music? Yep on the road in your own vehicle! She is already collating favourite music and burning CDs to listen to.


I am a convert to Linux - specifically Ubuntu/Kubuntu (Kubuntu being a version of Ubuntu using the KDE Desktop environment rather than Gnome) and currently have the latest version, Edgy Eft, installed on my laptop. Windows is still there on another partition but I might boot into it once in a fortnight only nowadays as 99% of my needs are met with Ubuntu/Kubuntu.

For example:
Open Office very effectively replaces Microsoft Office
Gimp replaces Photoshop
Scribus replaces Publisher
Inkscape replaces Illustrator
KB3 replaces Nero and other Windows based CD/DVD burning programs
Firefox replaces Internet Explorer
Evolution replaces Outlook/Outlook Express
Amarok/Kaffiene replace Windows Media Player
etc etc

Previously, I had tried Mandrake and SuSe but have found Ubuntu a highly usable distribution and that it works best on my laptop.

Why do I like Ubuntu/Kubuntu?
  • Philosophically I am sympathetic to open source/free software movements as are many others in the world unhappy with Microsoft's domination
  • The operating system is indeed free as are the thousands of fantastic programs available
  • It is a more rewarding and challenging experience to use a Linux based operating system
  • I don't have to worry about viruses/malware/adware etc. No antivirus software installed at all except of course on the Windows partition!!
  • The applications I choose to use are constantly updated as developers continue to make improvements
  • A new version of Ubuntu/Kubuntu is released on a 6 monthly cycle unlike Windows where years go by before a new version is released
Ubuntu/Kubuntu will post you 5 free cds containing their operating sysem that you can pass on to others that may be interested.
Can you imagine Microsoft doing that?
I have one left of my last batch and have requested 10 more.
What is great about these cds is that they are a live version of Ubuntu/Kubuntu allowing you to try the operating system out before you install it. If you choose to install then it will partition your hard drive leaving you with a dual boot system that allows you to choose whether you want to boot in to Windows or Ubuntu/Kubuntu.

I would encourage you to check Ubuntu/Kubuntu out as you may not have realised what you have been missing out on!

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