Friday, 26 January 2007

It is Australia Day!

I am not a very patriotic sort of person, so it is a bit lost on me really.
The rest of Australia is getting in to it in a big way though! Fireworks, people getting awards, BBQ's, cricket matches, you name it, it is happening today!

I am mainly annoyed by the fact that it is a public holiday and I haven't managed to get a surf today and haven't had one for some days.
Picture of crap surf!

No swell and strong Easterly wind. Tomorrow is a possibility with an Easterly swell due which means Mids or the corner at Nanarup may be working although the wind direction will be onshore, but sometimes that can end up being an OK session.

Just discovered a text from surfer mate Roland -
"Are we going over to his place for an Australia Day drink or two?"
I say "Absolutely, bringing noodles and be over soon as I am bloody starving"
He says "Hang on, out doing washing and won't be lighting fire until later on when wind drops."
I say "Ok we will eat first and be round later"

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