Monday, 29 January 2007

Daylight saving sucks!

Can we please get rid of daylight saving in Western Australia?
Reasons you want!
Well here they are:

  1. It is too hot here and daylight saving seems to exacerbate that condition more so! And I live in Albany on the South Coast where it is markedly cooler! I feel for you Perth folks and the poor buggars up North even more so.
  2. I end up waiting for the bloody sun to disappear so as I can go to bed and I am damn sure that parents of small children are going through a very similar situation - the difficulty of getting their own kids to go to bed at a reasonable hour!
  3. I seem to be eating just before I get to bed as it seems either too hot or too early to eat and that is not a good thing.
  4. As a surfer, the loss of an hour of daylight in the morning before having to go to work is a bloody nuisance as the morning is generally when the best surfing conditions occur.
Can I think of any positive things about daylight saving..............No! I cannot, so can we please turn the clock back to where it should be!
A recent poll on Channel Seven resulted in 75% of respondents wanting to vote on daylight saving at the end of this summer rather than after three and I reckon I know why?.........Because they all feel exactly like me and want to make sure that we are not subjected to it next summer!

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