Sunday, 7 January 2007

Festivities complete!

Finally all the madness of the Xmas/New Year period is over culminating in Pete and Penny's engagement party on Saturday arvo.
Even with all the swell that has been around I only managed to get in the water yesterday at Mutton Bird where there was a nice clean wave at the Goat track for half an hour or so. Then it turned a bit and I really needed to take out the longboard but by then it was getting busy and there were really very few waves to go around. Roland had got a lift up the beach with me which he appreciated and I left him to it and went home to see Michelle who was still suffering at this point in the month.

I now own a fantastic little Daihatsu Feroza SX 4WD. It is such a capable little car and easily accomodates Michelle and I and all our gear (up to five boards on top at times). Very similar to the pic on the left but wider tyres, a substantial roo bar and aluminum sidesteps.
What is really significant about this little vehicle for us as surfers is that it has galvanised body panels so it is very resistant to rust. So it should do the job for years to come as it will be worthwhile replacing the motor when that time comes.

This week it will have a long run as Mum and I are going to Perth to see the medicos about her lung tumour. It is all very up in the air as we are unsure what is going to happen in the way of treatment or not - and that is an issue as a nearly 84 year old woman cannot be expected to travel 10 hours to Perth and back every time they require her for treatment. We shall see.

While we are up there I will look around for a replacement longboard for my 10' Bic as I mentioned I wanted to do in an earlier post.
There are two places I will look. Firstly Scarborough Longboards where I have bought a few boards off Ross in the last few years and if he has nothing suitable then down to Freo to the other longboard shop of which I am unsure of the name. I am just after a secondhand board around $600 as I reckon I can sell the Bic for $500 as it is still in great condition. They are so indestructible - might even consider a 9' Bic which I know are also good boards.

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