Friday, 5 January 2007

Huge at Middleton! Awesome!

Well, what a day at Middleton Beach yesterday! The swell was gigantic because of the superstorm off Esperance. I wish I had some pics to show you but Michelle didn't think to take her camera down mainly because she hides it away so effectively that she forgets that she has it! I think I might have to get one for myself although it will probably be a video camera that takes stills.

We didn't go in as the best waves were to big for us to contemplate trying and the waves that were more ridable were taken up by many others and there was a really strong current running.

Simon (our band keyboard player) was up to the task and we watched as he tackled triple overhead swells managing to get three rides. We saw him come off one and his board was vertical in the water until it popped back up and then eventually so did he. He said he felt like he was fifty foot down and got back up up by following his leg rope? That is the scary part of going out in swell like that. If your leg rope breaks you can be seriously buggared!

Today it has settled down alot and there are quite a few out at the first point as the outer points are not working anymore. Contemplated going in but China and Greavesy were just on their way out with longboards so nobody would have got a ride.
Going to go out to Nanarup this afternoon for a look after Pete and Penn's engagement party as I reckon it will have settled down enough to get in - at last.
Anyway I am sure there will be swell around for a few days so should get in before I have to subject myself to going to Perth next week with Mum. Oh Well!

Had a great session at the gym yesterday as they showed us the weights which I did two repetitions of and then did a 15 minute session on the Spin cycle and that was excruciating! two minutes sitting and one minute standing - absolutely killed my quads!! Michelle is a bit under the weather at this time of the month so she only did a light session.

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